written by: Ahmad Zahra

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Despite its size, the village had a diverse community. During the early 1930s, several young men from the village went to Egypt, worked in agriculture and married Egyptian women. They all moved back to the village with their wives who became part of the community. These women spent the rest of their lives in Palestine. The Qerem family which was one of the most famous and richest families in the village, which extends its roots to Crimea in Ukraine. Palestinian families who lived on the village of Al-Haram (Sedna Ali) until the eve of the Nakba in 1948 include: The families of Abu Zahra/ Saleh and Abu Irhayim took refuge in Tukaram and live there to this date however some did move from there to Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Libya, UAE, Qatar, Canada and the United States.

The Qerem family took refuge in Qalqilya and lived in the Shreim neighborhood, but then left for Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the mid-1960s. The late Hajj Abdel Karim Abdel Fattah Ahmed Qerem, was the last Mukhtar of the village of Al-Haram until the eve of the Nakba in 1948. To this day, The Qerem family plays a key role in helping the community. Mr. Ali El Qerem established the Zaitoneh University in Jordan and named the masjid at the university Masjid Sidna Ali. Many of the village grandchildren attended the university. families of Al Nabrisi and Dalew took refuge in Qalqilya and have permanently stayed there, they have their own office in the Naqar - Qalqilya neighborhood.

The rest of the families of the village of Al-Haram lived in the villages of Al-Muthalath, Tukaram, the refugee al-Camp, Nablus and the refugee camp, some of whom left for Jordan. The Zahran family lived in the village until the nakba in 1948, when they moved to Qalqilya. the family of Hajj Mohammed Shaker Zahran and his sons (Hajj Shaker Zahran and his brother Hajj Mahmoud Zahran), who are at the heart of the Zahran clan in Qalqilya, have worked in the construction sector for more than 40 years.

Mr. Abdel Aziz Abu Ghali, who currently lives in Gaza, stated:
“My grandfather and his children lived in the village of Sedna Ali al-Haram Jaffa district, and before 1948 some Zionist gangs at night took all the youth and elders of the Shobaki family from their homes and shot them, and after this incident my grandfather feared for his children and took them to the village of "Maqbella" Jenin district to the east of Sidna Ali and he had land and worked my grandfather and sons to cultivate their land for a period of between (5 or 6 months) and then entered the Arab armies to Palestine and the war between Arabs and Jews in 48 years. My grandfather took his children and fled to the eastern Gaza area, which is now located inside Israel, where they also had land and stayed there for a period of time, and then the Jews killed the Palestinian people, so they fled to the city of Nusseirat in the Gaza Strip and then to Khan Younis and then settled in Rafah, which helped my grandfather, who, while in the village of Al-Haram, had a large shipping car purchased to sell agricultural crops in Jaffa. From the days of immigration, we were looking for anyone from the families of the village of Al-Haram, we did not find because most of the villagers migrated to the West Bank and Jordan.”